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BC11/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Brachytherapy
Prefecture Organization Institute Director Introduction of your Technology, Product and Study Technology Classification/Product Classification Contact
Satoshi Hasegawa
We manufacture precision cut metal parts and product units. Our field specialties include joint parts for hydraulic and pneumatic pipes, parts and assembly of electrical tools, parts for gas meter cutout switches, parts for semiconductor manufacturing devices, and metal cut parts for home electrical appliances. [Technology Classification]
-BC08/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Manipulator
-BC11/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Brachytherapy
-BC12/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Inplant
[Product Classification]
-BB02/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Treatment Equipment
-BB03/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Assistive Products
University Graduate School of Medicine Osaka University
Project ENGINE
Kiyokazu Nakajima
ENGINE: Endeavor for Next Generation of INterventional EndoscopyAn academia-industry consortium to develop novel endoscopic instruments and tools necessary for next generation "super-minimally invasive" therapies, by positively integrating rigid laparoscopic surgery and flexible endoscopic intervention. [Technology Classification]
-BC11/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Brachytherapy
[Product Classification]
-BB02/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Treatment Equipment
University Kyoto University
Graduate School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Pharmacoepidemiology
Koji Kawakami (Professor)
We conduct inventions, basic research and preclinical research of novel antitumor drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs using hybrid molecular targeted peptides. We have had achievements on hybrid peptides in research development and cooperation in the United Stated concerning old generation immunotoxins and it is anticipated that hybrid peptides will become the new generation drug (several patents are currently pending). In order to edge closer to practical use, we have transmitted novel evaluation techniques and approaches to treatment from the academia. In May 2009, Upstream Infinity, Inc was founded through the Kyoto University Fund and carries out drug development in collaboration with our laboratory. Out achievements in hybrid peptide research has been given great coverage on The Nikkei Business Daily in December 2009 and has been awarded second place in the Bio Business Competition Japan in March 2010. [Technology Classification]
-BA04/Life Innovation/Drug Discovery & Diagnosis/Drugs (Glyco Protein)
-BC11/Life Innovation/Medical Equipment/Brachytherapy
[Product Classification]
-BA02/Life Innovation/Drug Discovery & Diagnosis/Therapeutic Agent


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