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Last update: June 28, 2010

President Dr. Christian Debus

RECARO Japan Co., Ltd.
Parent company headquarters: Germany
Founded: 1976
Address: 1570-1 Shibaharaminami-cho, Higashiohmi City, Shiga Pref.
Line of business: Import, manufacture and sales of automobile seats, child safety seats, and office chairs

RECARO, which is the worldfs first automobile seat manufacturer to build a premium brand, has been engaged in product development reflecting research achievements in the areas of ergonomics and orthopedics since the early stage of its founding. The Germany-based company established a Japanese branch office in Kansai in 1976. Since then, RECARO Japan has also been engaged in the manufacture and sales of automobile seats that places priority on ridersf health and safety. In Japan, the brand name of RECARO tends to be easily associated with sports car seats. However, the company provides a wide selection of products, ranging from gluxuryh and gcomforth series of automobile seats that appeal to people of all ages, to safety seats designed for newborn babies and infants.
RECARO Japan has its plant in Shiga Prefecture, which serves as the manufacturing and sales base responsible for the Asian and Oceanian region.

The following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Christian Debus, President of RECARO Japan Co., Ltd.
Background of setting up business in Kansai:
In 1976, RECARO established a sales base in Kyoto to sell automobile seats manufactured in the German head office to Japanese consumers. With our business growing in the Japanese market, it became increasingly necessary for us to secure quick delivery and stable supply of products, and we decided to construct a plant for development and manufacture of automobile seats in a location close to Kyoto and providing easy access to customers. As a result, we found a good site which was large enough to build a plant along the Meishin Expressway, located about midway between Mazda (western Japan) and Toyota and Nissan (eastern Japan). At present, RECARO Japan, as a 100% owned subsidiary of RECARO, is engaged in product development and manufacture as well as serving as a global sales base for all operations in the Oceanian region.
 Business Activities in Japan:
In Japan, the brand name of RECARO tends to be associated with automobile seats specially designed for sports cars and motor sports. In reality, however, ordinary car seats and child safety seats are also RECARO Japanfs main products. Our company has pursued the development of car seats ergonomically designed for ensuring a correct sitting posture, or a gseat that causes less fatigue and backache during long-distance or long time driving.h Our aim is to support safe, comfortable and healthy driving. Since the product value of RECAROfs Ergonomics Seat Series and the presence of our child safety seats are not well known in Japan, we would like to continue to make efforts to enhance the name recognition of our products among Japanese consumers.
Evaluation of Kansai:
Kansai is superior as a living environment. I have got the impression that Tokyo is very crowded with many buildings, but in Kansaifs abundant nature, cities are in harmony with nature. The region also has highly-developed transportation infrastructure, providing easy access to anywhere you want to go. For example, Limited Express gHarukah will take you from Kyoto to Kansai International Airport quickly. Furthermore, Kyoto has a unique culture, and I could no longer live anywhere but Kansai.
Business Partnership:
It is quite hard to secure excellent human resources. In this aspect, we would like to create a partnership with other companies and organizations in various ways, such as participation in job fairs, network building with Japanese colleges and staffing companies. In Germany, companies in the same cluster can share a SAP system (business management software) with each other. I wonder whether it is possible to share a SAP system with other companies here in Japan.
Future business activities:
We continue to make efforts to enhance public awareness of the value of our Ergonomics Seat Series as well as name recognition of RECARO child safety seats, and to increase our market share in Japan as well as in other Asian countries. Especially in China, more attention has been paid to the vehicle material industry, making it easier for us to enter the Chinese market. More recently, China and South Korea have seen a rapid growth of the child seat market. In many Asian countries, including China, India and the Philippines, however, the law does not still require drivers to use child seats for small children on board. This means many Asian countries are potentially huge market for our products. We will also promote OEM business by fostering a good relationship with local automobile manufacturers in Japan.


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