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vol.10  【China】 Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd.
Last update: June 28, 2010

President Mr. Tanaka

Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd.
Parent company headquarters: China
Founded: 2002
Address: 9-1-22 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Line of business: Planning and development, sales, after-sales service and marketing of Haier-brand consumer electronics in Japan

Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 2002, as the first Japanese sales base  of Haier, the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturer. The product lineup of Haier Japan Sales is designed to meet the diversified needs of Japanese consumers, in terms of product functions, designs and prices. Its parent company Haier was founded in 1984 in Tsingtao, China, and in 2008 it had a dominant share of the world’s production of refrigerators and washing machines, each. (Fuji-Keizai Group, “Global Consumer Electronics Market Survey 2009”)(※)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Ichiro Satake of the Administrative Division  and Mr. Hou Xiujian, a Chinese employee working for the Logistics Operation Division.

(※)From the homepage of Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd.
■Background of setting up business in Kansai: (Mr. Satake)
Our president, Toshihira Tanaka, was approached by the headquarters of Haier for the setting up of a sales base in Japan, and then started to look for a location. As a result, he considered the Kansai region, Osaka in particular, to be the most effective location since Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Haier’s after-sales service partner, is based in Kansai (Moriguchi City, Osaka). In addition to the existence of our business partner, Mr. Tanaka was also living in Kansai and had a good knowledge of the region, which became another key factor in determining its location. In 2002, Haier Japan was founded in Osaka and has since been engaged in comprehensive marketing activities, including planning, sales and support service, for the Haier-brand consumer electronics sold in the Japanese market.
Evaluation of Kansai: (Mr. Satake)
Tokyo is too important to neglect due to its market size. In Kansai, however, there are clusters of major consumer electronics manufacturers, including Sanyo Electric, as well as Japan’s largest market after Tokyo. The transportation infrastructure has been highly developed here in this region. Kansai is also located close to China. When products are shipped by sea, they usually take about five days to arrive in Yokohama and Tokyo. If their determination is Osaka, they will be delivered in a couple of days. Furthermore, Kansai is less expensive than Tokyo in business operation costs and living costs. The average office rent is half that of Tokyo, and employees’ housing costs are also much lower than those of Tokyo.
Living Environment in Kansai: (Mr. Hou)
One of major advantages of living in Kansai is easy access to Kyoto and Nara, where there are many tourist attractions and historical structures, such as the temples of Kinkakuji, Kiyomizu-dera and Horyuji, through which we can fully enjoy the flavor of their historical periods. Other advantages of Kansai are its highly-developed transportation infrastructure, including railways, and local people, many of whom are kind enough to help persons who are lost or in trouble.


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