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Last update: January 30, 2014

Mr.Jianhao Zheng, Chairperson and Representative Director

Kengoo Group Co.
Parent company headquarters: China
Founded: 2001
Address: World Sannomiya  Bldg.5th Fl., 3-2-17 Isobe-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo Pref.
Line of business:
(1)Procurement of machine parts in China
(2)Procurement, inspection, distribution and storage of stationery and miscellaneous goods in China
(3)Shaping, processing and export of resin products from Chinese factories
(4)Production and export of high-grade furniture from Chinese factries
(5)Provision of support for Japanese companies in the Jianhao Industrial Parks and for the industrial parks themselves
(6)Promotion of scrap-recycling businesses and environmental businesses

Mr. Jianhao Zheng, the founder of Kengoo Group Co., established Jianhao Industry Co., Ltd. in Ningbo, China in 1992, and has been providing services such as consulting and procurement of parts and materials in China and Japan. In 2001, Mr. Zheng founded Kengoo Group Co. in Kobe. Since then, the company has grown, and now it is a conglomerate having industrial parks and subsidiary companies in Shanghai, Ningbo and Guangzhou, in addition to Kobe.
The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Jianhao Zheng, Chairperson and Representative Director of Kengoo Group Co.
Background of setting up business in Kansai:

I came to Japan and studied at Kobe University and its graduate school. After returning to China, I established one company after another and put a lot of effort into my business, including consulting and procurement of parts and materials in China and Japan. I had long felt it necessary to establish an overseas base in order to expand my business and to facilitate trade, anticipating further globalization of the economy in the future. I thought that I would also do well in the U.S. if I could succeed in the fiercely competitive Japanese market. In 2001, based on advice from some old friends, who were also Chinese students studying in Japan, I founded Kengoo Group Co. in Kobe to expand my business in Japan.
Many of our employees have studied in Japan, and I was able to speak Japanese as I had studied in Kobe, too; so we had many personal connections that we had developed when we were students. That was one of our strong points.

Evaluation of Kansai:

Although Kansai is smaller than the Tokyo metropolitan area, the size of its economy is comparable to that of a country. I think doing business targeting only Kansai would also be workable.
For business with Asian countries, particularly with China, Kansai has a more favorable location than the Tokyo metropolitan area. The Chinese economy has reached a turning point, shifting to a more productive manufacturing industry. Kansai has a great aggregation of companies with technologies and know-how that could facilitate this change. Another appeal of Kansai is that many capable leaders are actively working here.
As for daily life, the food is delicious and the living environment is good in Kansai. With respect to food, in particular, it is worth mentioning that there is a lot of delicious food and drink such as Kobe beef and sake.

Future business activities:

China is doing its best to strive for modernization as a nation, but I am afraid it faces various severe problems such as environmental pollution and a shortage of infrastructure. My own hometown is also in the same situation.
I am engaged in various kinds of business, leveraging a wide range of personal connections both in China and in Japan, and I provide consulting services for many manufacturers and other types of companies, both large and small, about doing business between China and Japan. Fortunately, my clients are increasing in number in both countries. I would like to continue assisting in the modernization of China, working as an intermediary or a facilitator for cooperation between China and other Asian countries, particularly Japan. Besides manufacturing and consulting services, I would like to expand into other fields such as finance and real estate in the future.




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