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Last update: January 30, 2014

Mr.Ferdinand Spannan, Asia Pacific Sales Manager

burster Asia Pacific representative office
Parent company headquarters: Germany
Founded: February 2009
Address: Office One Shijo-Karasuma Bldg.307, 480 Niwatoriboko-cho, Muromachi-dori Ayanokoji Agaru, Himogyo-ku, Kyoto.
Line of business:
Manufacturing and sales of precision measurement products such as ohmmeters, calibrators, sensors and process monitors/controllers


The company burster, founded in 1961 with its headquarters in Gernsbach, Germany, is a manufacturer of precision measurement products with about 120 employees. It has overseas bases in Japan, Italy and Austria, and more than 40 distributors in 48 countries. In Japan, the company established a representative office in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto in February 2009 in order to develop its business in the Asia-Pacific region.
The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Ferdinand Spannan, Asia Pacific Sales Manager.

burster's products

Having developed the worldfs first digital ohmmeter, burster has been growing as a pioneer in the measurement device industry. Our quality-control sensors that can simultaneously display individual curves for multiple components in the form of a graph and our rotating torque sensors of compact design are widely used in production lines in plants in the automotive industry. We are good at customizing sensors and have 30 corporate customers in Japan.

Background of setting up business in Kansai:

At first, we sold our products through agencies in Asia, meaning we were reactive in terms of our interactions with customers. We then expanded our business into Kansai with the aim of increasing sales and growing our business more aggressively. The reasons we chose Kyoto as a base were its easy access to places inside and outside of Japan, the presence of major manufacturers with advanced technology and prestigious universities, as well as the relatively low cost of doing business. The support we received from advisors at JETRO Osaka is another reason.

Future business activities:

This office is responsible for very wide area, including East Asia (particularly China, India and South Korea), Southeast Asia, South America and Australia. I frequently travel to these countries to find new distributors and to market our products. Not only do Japanfs business networks have advantages over those of other countries in Asia, but I also think if we could have our products recognized in the Japanese market, our products would be accepted and used anywhere in the world. In Japan, the connections between measurement device suppliers and manufacturers are strong, but in order to have our products be truly appreciated by manufacturers, we must be proactive in making an effort to be interactive such as through customer visits, and to spend sufficient time to build our credibility with customers.




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