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Last update: May 18, 2010

E.G.O. Nihon Co., Ltd.
Parent company headquarters: Germany
Founded: 1971
Location: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Line of business: Import and sales of electric heating parts and related parts, thermostats, radiant heaters, and induction heaters
Head office in the Port Island, Kobe
 E.G.O, founded in 1931 in Oberderdingen, Germany, is a leading company to supply parts to consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide. As the Japanese subsidiary of the E.G.O. Group that has more than 7,000 employees worldwide, E.G.O. Nihon was established in Kobe in 1971 to engage in the sales of its parent companyfs products and marketing activities and product development. The company is also responsible for all operations in South Korea.

The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr.Toshiyuki Takamizo, Managing Director of E.G.O. Nihon Co., Ltd.

About company products:
E.G.O. has been engaged mainly in manufacturing radiant heater units for electric cookers, which represents about 20% of our total sales. Our radiant heater units have been used for electric hot plates and other electric heaters of major Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers. Although it is often said that the white goods industry has been saturated, we believe that more business opportunities can be expected, considering the recent trend to promote the spread of all electrification housing systems which are friendly to the environment and the family budget. In addition to consumer electronics, manufacturers of industrial kitchen equipment are also our customers. We are also considering expanding our business by applying our electric heating parts to medical devices.
 Evaluation of business environment in Kansai:
E.G.O. has a fairly long history of operating business in Japan, and I am not sure about what circumstances led our company to opening its Japanese office in Kansai. However, I think that part of the reason why the then management personnel chose Kobe as the base is that the area has been traditionally renowned as a international city where there are German and many other foreign communities and international schools. These are very important factors for foreign-affiliated companies in determining where to locate their branch offices.
Future business activities:

As a global company, E.G.O. has supplied a wide variety of products to manufacturers worldwide. However, we still have many products that are not sold in Japan. Our immediate goal is to make such products broadly available to Japanese customers.
    Managing  Director


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