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Interviews with foreign-affiliated companies in Kansai (Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., Ltd.)

Last update:July 22 ,2015

【China】 Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., Ltd.

Founded: December 2003
Address: 8F, Kobe KIMEC Center Bldg.
                1-5-2, Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047
Line of business:
1) Support services for functional food development
2) Support services for medical device development
3) Support services for development of medical technology and pharmaceuticals
4) Others (Import and sales of DNA chips, intellectual property rights-related services, translation services)
Website: Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., Ltd.外部リンク 新しいウィンドウで開きます


Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., Ltd. was established in Kobe in late 2003 as a liaison office to meet an increasing demand for conducting research and development of diagnostic agents and clinical trials at affiliated hospitals of Nanjing Medical University, one of the largest hospitals in China. The company has been serving as a bridge between China and Japan, with the aim of facilitating medical development and promoting good health.

The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Chen Jian Jun, President CEO of Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan.

Description of business

Both in Japan and China, we offer a full range of consultation services and solutions for the development and marketing of medical and health-related products, as well as support services for clinical trials. Targeted are foods with health-promoting benefits – including foods for specific health uses and Chinese health foods – and medical devices and medical technology. We provide support services depending on our customers’ various needs, such as services to check legal conformity, application procedures of pharmaceutical products, market research and translation services.

Recently, our company has seen an increase in the number of customers from Europe as well as Japan and China. We can see the growing interest worldwide in clinical trials in China and the Chinese market itself. We also hear voices saying, “We are interested in the Japanese market, but it’s difficult to enter the market due to a lack of information and language and geographical problems.” To meet the needs of such customers, we offer consultation services and solutions, taking full advantage of our Japanese, Chinese and English language skills and our strong networks with partner companies. consolidating IT infrastructure, such as computers, the Internet, and cloud technologies.

Major determining factors for setting up business in Japan

When I was studying as an exchange student in Kobe University, I lived in Kobe, and when I was working for Nestlé after graduation, I lived in Tokyo for one year. I found Kobe more beautiful and sophisticated, and the area is also blessed with the beauty of nature, creating a perfect harmony between business and nature. As is evident from the presence of its Chinatown, Kobe has close relations with China.

When we set up our office in Kobe, the formation of clusters of research institutes and bio-related companies have already been promoted under the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project. So, we found that Kobe is an area with high future growth potential as a biotechnology industry center. With the aggressive support of JETRO Kobe and rent subsidies and other incentives provided by Kobe City, we decided to set up our office in Kobe. At present, Kobe Airport is so close to our office that we can more easily travel to Tokyo. As part of the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project, Kobe City General Hospital is scheduled to be relocated. We expect greater possibilities in the project.

Potential of Kansai

In China, Beijing is the center of politics, where government licenses are granted, and Shanghai is the center of business. We believe that Kansai has a huge potential to become a business center like Shanghai. In Japan, Kansai should become the center of business, with Tokyo as the center of politics. The future challenge confronting Kansai is to bridge gaps between the two areas in the sphere of business, so that Kansai can take full advantage of low cost and convenience.

Partnership with other companies

We have formed business partnerships with other companies in the areas of marketing and clinical trials of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Such business partnerships allow us to satisfy broader customer needs more appropriately and promptly, by making full use of other companies’ technologies, networks and human resources. In 2005, we established the Medical Devices Development Support Association (MDSA), with the cooperation of other companies that share the same view, and we have actively carried out a variety of activities as the Secretariat of the MDSA. We will make continuous efforts to expand our business, making optimal use of the advantages and resources of our partner businesses.

Contact Information

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
International Investment Promotion Division
Address: 1-5-44 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-8535
E-Mail:invest-japan-kansai@meti.go.jpMail (mail client will launch)