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vol.4@@yNew Zealandz New Zealand Agri Marketing Co., Ltd
Last update: May 18, 2010
New Zealand Agri Marketing Co.,Ltd
Established: Jan. 2007
Location: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Line of business: Import and sales of agricultural products
Contact information:
        TELF06-6567-7800  FAXF06-6567-7880  (Country code:81) 

Japan Representative Mr. Yamamoto
New Zealand Agricultural Marketing Co., Ltd. was established in January 2007 in Osaka as a Japanese arm of New Zealand-based Coxco Holdings Ltd. It has been engaged in importing squashes and other vegetables from New Zealand and selling them to Japanese supermarkets.

 The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Takehiko Yamamoto, President of New Zealand Agricultural Marketing Co., Ltd.

Background of company formation:  
Traditionally, when agricultural products are imported to Japan from New Zealand, farmersf profits are reduced because they are sold via trading companies. To secure higher profits for farmers, New Zealand Agri Marketing Co., Ltd. was established as a company to sell originally low price New Zealand produce directly in Japan.
Description of business:  
Our major business is to import to Japan squashes bought from our contract farmers and to sell them at central and local wholesale markets throughout Japan. Our contract farmers are in Pukekohe, Gisborne, Napier, and Palmerston North in New Zealand. These areas produce about 85,000 tons of squashes per year, 90% of which are exported to Japan. This represents 35% of the vegetable consumed in Japan. Because New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed. Japanfs demand for squashes from winter to spring is covered by those imported from New Zealand. Most squashes available in Japan from January to May are from New Zealand.
  Major determining factors for setting up business in Kansai:
1. Location and accessibility
 Kansai, positioned roughly in the center of Japan, is very convenient in shipping products to markets both in eastern Japan (Hokkaido to the Chukyo area) and western Japan (the Chugoku/Shikoku to Kyushu region). The Kansai region has highly developed railroad and road networks, providing easy access by ground transportation.

2. Infrastructure (Availability and cost of warehouses, etc.)
Kobe and Osaka ports, both of which once boasted the top freight handling facilities in the East/Orient, have sufficient space for storage. In addition, storage costs* are lower in Kansai than the Tokyo area. At present, it is quite difficult to secure space for storage in the Tokyo region, and more expensive. (* The cost of packing is required because squashes are imported in wooden cases and repacked in cardboard boxes for shipment.)

We have also been engaged in importing Chinese-grown matsutake mushrooms. Since Kansai International Airport is a round-the-clock airport, we can import fresh matsutake mushrooms in a timely manner.

In this way, I feel that Kansai has a highly developed infrastructure with harbors and airports. For these reasons, we have chosen Kansai as an ideal location for trade. 

 Use of support for setting up a company:
With support from JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center Osaka, we moved in the centerfs temporary office and then we made arrangements for company formation.
 Future business activities:
Since many farmers in New Zealand desire to export produce other than squashes to Japan, we are currently considering importing beef as our next target. The Japanese market with a population of more than 120 million is very attractive, and we want to expand our import business through working on building the New Zealand brand in Japan.


yContact Informationz
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
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