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  Last update: May 18, 2010
Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
Parent company headquarters: USA
Established: 1975
Address: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Line of business: R&D, manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals
@@@Head office of Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
 Eli Lilly Japan K.K. is the Japanese subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company, a U.S. pharmaceutical company based in Indianapolis, Indiana and with eight research centers, 13 plants and about 40,000 employees worldwide. Eli Lilly Japan is based in Kobe and has a plant to manufacture the most advanced technology-based injectable drugs.

The following are excerpts from an interview with Ms. Yumiko Hayashi, Manager of Corporate and Internal Communications, the Department of Corporate Affairs..

About Eli Lilly Japan:
Eli Lilly Japan is engaged in R&D, manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals and also conducts clinical trials of pharmaceuticals mainly focused on three areas: the central nervous system; cancer; and internal secretion/metabolism/bone.
 Evaluation of business environment in Kansai:
We decided to set up our head office in Kobe because Osaka, which is very close to Kobe, has a cluster of pharmaceutical companies (Dosho-machi) including our business partners in Kansai. Our company, which places importance on diversity, has employees of many different nationalities. So, the presence of international schools, and hospitals capable of consultations in foreign languages, and foreign communities were very important factors. In these respects, we think Kobe can be highly regarded for its living environment for the international community.

Kansai is also active in promoting collaboration among industry, government and academia and has flexible networks. This environment encourages potential incoming firms to ask advice even before their plans have taken shape.

 In addition, business costs are lower in here Kansai than in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and Kansai has a relatively good business environment.

Partnership with other companies:

We are always seeking partnerships with other companies regardless of their nationality or size. We believe that it is possible to collaborate with local companies in joint R&D in the pharmaceutical field as well as the area of software, such as marketing and selling tools.
Ms. Hayashi, Manager


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