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Information (Interviews with foreign-affiliated companies in Kansai) 

Last update:August 2, 2017

Interviews with foreign-affiliated companies in Kansai

We have conducted interviews with foreign-affiliated companies which are doing business in Kansai, asking questions such as the reason why they chose Kansai as a business base in Japan, their evaluation on the business environment in the region, and so on.

【Osaka】 Galanz Japan Co., Ltd.(China)【NEW】

【Osaka】 Equinix Japan(United Status)

【Osaka】 InterCall Japan K.K.(United Status)

【Osaka】 Juneyao Airlines CO., Ltd.(China)

【Hyogo】 Caterpillar Japan Ltd. (HEDC)(United Status)

【Osaka】 IE JAPAN Ltd.  (Great Britain)

【Kyoto】 Ceres Power representative office   (Great Britain)

【Osaka】 SERVO-ROBOT JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Canada)

【Hyogo】 BASF Japan Ltd., Amagasaki R&D Center (Germany)

【Osaka】 Silver Egg Technology, Co., Ltd. (United Status)

【Kyoto】  burster Asia Pacific representative office (Germany)

【Hyogo】 Kengoo Group Co. (China)

【Osaka】 Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd. (China)

【Shiga】  RECARO Japan Co., Ltd (Germany)

【Hyogo】 INSTAR ITS Japan, Inc.  (Czech)

【Osaka, Hyogo】 Chelsea Japan Co., Ltd. (United Status)

【Hyogo】 Beauty & Health Innovation Co., Ltd. (China)

【Hyogo】 Eli Lilly Japan K.K.  (United Status)

【Osaka】 New Zealand Agri Marketing Co.,Ltd  (New Zealand)

【Hyogo】 Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co.,Ltd.  (China)

【Hyogo】 E.G.O. Nihon Co., Ltd.  (Germany) 

【Osaka】 Moeller Electric Ltd.   (Germany)

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