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Incentives (Various Incentives)

Last update:August 1, 2017

Various Incentives

Government Efforts to Promote Investment in Japan

To promote the relocation of research and development bases and Asian headquarters of global enterprises to Japan, the Japanese government will actively promote a comprehensive approach, including special provisions for taxation on legally approved companies, incentives in the form of location subsidies, use the comprehensive special zone system and a cross-sectional approach, and a program for the promotion of foreign direct investment and the establishment as Asian business bases in Japan.

Act for promotion of Japan as an Asian Business center

  • Act on Special Measures for the Promotion of Research and Development Business, etc  by Specified Multinational Enterprises

Supporting approved global enterprises promoting the relocation of their research and development bases and Asian headquarters to Japan.


Cabinet Office-  INVEST JAPAN

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JETRO - Investing in Japan

Invest Japan-METI KANSAI

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Incentives by local governments in Kansai

You can search information of each local government such as its profile, features, industries, and incentives. Please click the name of prefectures/cities on the map below for the area which you would like to know more about.

Contact Information

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