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Foreign Companies in Kansai
Last update: July 24, 2013
Inter Call Japan K.K.
 Inter Call Japan K.K.

Business Development Manager
Chris Christophers

InterCall, the world's largest dedicated conferencing services provider, offers audio, web and video conferencing and collaboration solutions to more than 40,000 organizations and over 400,000 individual conference leaders across the globe. Its business operations have been expanded worldwide, across North and South America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

Background of Business Establishment

While the business model for "remote networking" has been developed and widely adopted in the US and Europe for many years, the concept of audio and video collaboration is still relatively new in the Asia-Pacific region, especially among Japanese companies. In 2005, InterCall established its Japanese arm in Tokyo, as part of its efforts to expand support customers in Japan. Three years later, it embarked on a full-fledged expansion of its customer bases targeting Japanese companies. Consequently, sales in Japan showed the largest growth in Asia. Driven by the success of its business in Japan, InterCall's new sales office was established in Osaka in March 2010.

  Tele/video conferencing system

At present, InterCall rents office space from Regus Japan K.K. for its Osaka Office. Chris Christophers, Business Development Manager for InterCall Japan, reflects back on INVEST Kansai Desk's support for the establishment of the company's arm in Kansai, remarking "a rent-free temporary office space was the most effective support provided to us before opening our present office. Other great support we have received includes the provision of information on the Kansai market, the holding of networking events for companies that have set up businesses in Kansai, and support for authorization procedures to open an office."

At the reception desk of the Regus Japan's rental office building containing office space for InterCall Japan

After opening their Osaka Office, they set on an aggressive approach toward companies located in Kansai while taking over support services for the existing customers. Demand for tools that create more effective business communications, such as audio conferencing with people abroad, is very strong here in Kansai, where a growing number of companies, from industry leaders to SMEs that have a strong presence in niche markets, have expanded their business activities on a global scale. Capitalizing on such strong demand, InterCall has proactively been expanding its business with companies located in Kansai, regardless of the scale and type of business, by taking full advantage of its network--the largest in the world--prominent services, competitive prices and extensive knowhow.

Mr. Christophers working at the office
Company PR

InterCall aims to be a global Unified Communication provider. We provide easy, convenient and high-quality collaboration solutions for all types of global communications, including audio, video, web and chat.

(Interview in 2010)

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