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Interviews with foreign-affiliated companies in Kansai (Galanz Japan Co., Ltd.)

Last update:August 2,2017

【China】 Galanz Japan Co., Ltd.

Established: 2016
Location: 17F, Nakanoshima Mitsui Building, 3-3-3 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City
Business: Research and development of white goods
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Mr. Kotaro Kashima, the director of R&D Center of Galanz Japan Co., Ltd.Galanz Japan’s parent company, Guangdong Galanz Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a Chinese white goods manufacturer founded in 1978. It is headquartered in Shunde District, Foshan City and in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.
Galanz Group annually produces a total of over 50 million units of white goods, including microwave ovens (its flagship products), air conditioners, washing machines, dish washers, refrigerators and rice cookers. The Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave ovens.
The Group sells products through its own distribution centers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In 2016, an R&D center was established in Osaka, Japan as the Group’s Japanese research and development arm.
We visited Mr. Kotaro Kashima, the director of R&D Center of Galanz Japan Co., Ltd. and interviewed him about the background in the establishment of the Center, the business environment in the Kansai region and Galanz’s future business plans in Japan.

                                Mr. Kotaro Kashima
          Director of R&D Center of Galanz Japan Co., Ltd.

Background in the Establishment of the R&D Center and Business Environment in the Kansai Region

Guangdong Galanz Enterprise established the R&D Center in Osaka City in January 2016 to strengthen the Group’s technical capabilities and enhance the presence of its own brand. Currently, about 80 percent of all products manufactured by Galanz Group are offered as OEM products. The Group now aims to expand the production of its own brand.
The R&D center in Japan began to develop a microwave oven in April 2017, which will be the leading edge product .
The president of the parent company in China highly values the Japanese culture and industry as well as the craftsmanship of Japanese people, and hopes that the Group will be a business partner with Japanese home appliance manufacturers, research institutes, universities and other relevant organizations. He also appreciates the fact that in the Kansai region there are several major home appliance companies and many supportive manufacturers with excellent technologies and expertise by talented engineers and skilled experts.
To establish the R&D Center in Osaka, Guangdong Galanz Enterprise gained support from JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) Osaka and the Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC).

Future Business Plans

Through the R&D Center, Galanz Group is planning to develop rice cookers, induction-heating cookers and other home appliances followed by the microwave oven which is now under development, and sell them under its own brand all over Japan. The company will strive to develop unique products with a focus on the consumers’ point of view and promote the sales of its products in the Japanese market.

Contact Information

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
International Investment Promotion Division
Address: 1-5-44 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-8535
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