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Foreign Companies in Kansai
Last update: July 24, 2013
Beauty & Health Innovation Co., Ltd.
 Beauty & Health Innovation Co., Ltd.

Jianzhong Yang, Ph.D.

Beauty & Health Innovation Co., Ltd. (BHI) was established with an investment stake of more than 50% from leading Chinese cosmetic manufacturer, Jiangsu Longliqi Group Co., Ltd. Based in Port Island, Kobe, where the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project is underway, BHI has been engaged in research and development of cosmetic products and health food, with 12 employees. Headed by Mr. Jianzhong Yang, who has many years of experience in working on research and development of hair care at a major U.S. toiletry product manufacturer, the new company has a substantial advantage in research and development in the same field.
The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Jianzhong Yang, President of BHI.

Background of Business Establishment

BHI was established as the Japanese research institute of its parent company Jiangsu Longliqi Co., Ltd. With the first three years after establishment as the first stage, we are striving to focus our efforts on developing cutting-edge technology for hair care. Our research achievements will be provided not only to our parent company but also to Japanese companies. We would also like to form business partnerships with Japanese companies that are interested in performing contract research services. We also want to serve as a bridge between China and Japan, by introducing unique Japanese products to China and offering Jiangsu Longliqi's products to Japanese consumers at reasonable prices.

The decision of Jiangsu Longliqi, which has two research institute in China and one in the U.S., to choose Japan as the next site location was a natural progression. For setting up our office in Japan, we received various forms of support from JETRO Kobe, including the rent of a temporary office, referral to appropriate specialists for contracts, and useful advice.The reason that we chose Kobe as our location is that Kobe is a well-balanced city providing an excellent environment for both business and living. A living environment including easily accessible schools, hospitals, and local communities, is very important for foreigners working for foreign companies. In this respect, Kobe is an ideal city providing all amenities necessary for everyday life. I think this should be more emphasized to attract foreign investments.In terms of the business environment, the Kanto area (Tokyo metropolitan area) might have an advantage over Kansai in collecting information. With the opening of Kobe Airport and the advancement of information technology, however, we don't think it is a major disadvantage not to make Kanto our base.

We would like to form a business partnerships with Japanese companies that have an interest in contract research, companies that have established a distribution network in Japan, and companies that have unique products that might appeal to Chinese consumers (in the fields of cosmetics and health food).

Company PR


(Interview in 2011)

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