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Foreign Companies in Kansai
Last update: July 24, 2013
HBC- radiomatic Japan K.K.
  HBC-radiomatic Japan K.K.

Tatsuo Kondo

HBC-radiomatic Japan K.K. is a Japanese subsidiary of HBC-radiomatic GmbH, a German company based in Crailsheim, a city in southwestern Germany. The parent company is a global business that supplies high-quality radio control systems for industrial applications (e.g., construction cranes and production lines) to more than 60 countries. In 1947, HBC was launched by two engineers as a manufacturer of Germany's first portable radio-telephone for civil use. Over a history of more than 60 years, the company has successfully built a global brand. The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Tatsuo Kondo, CEO of HBC-radiomatic Japan K.K. about the background to setting up a business in Kansai.

Background of Business Establishment

HBC-radiomatic Japan K.K. was established in February 2009 to reinforce our services for Japanese customers and promote the sales of our products in the Japanese market. Major determining factors for setting up a business in the Kansai region of western Japan were the fact that five of the top eight prefectures in terms of the number of cranes installed are in western Japan, and five of Japan's six major hoist manufacturers are also in western Japan. Another major reason was that since I had worked for an electronic manufacturer in Osaka for about 20 years, I was familiar with the area and have a network of connections. When stationed in Germany as an electronics manufacturer employee, I was spotted by the vice president of HBC and invited to join the company. At the age of 50, I determined to take on this new challenge, because I was deeply moved by the company's strong desire to enter the Japanese market and its enthusiasm for manufacturing

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To prepare for full-scale business commencement, we rented a temporary office space provided free for 50 days by JETRO Osaka (INVEST Kansai Desk) and received various forms of support, such as the recruitment of service engineers and the selection of office space. The most important challenge in opening our Japan office was securing human resources with language abilities. Based on my experience accumulated during my long stay in Germany as an electronics company employee, I felt that we needed a person who strives to understand other people with different perspectives and from different cultures. Fortunately, we found an appropriate person with the help of JETRO Osaka.

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Japanese companies tend to make do with existing machinery and are reluctant to improve their workplaces, especially when it involves added costs. For this reason, industrial-use radio control systems are not yet popular in this country. However, using a radio control system at a worksite enables remote control of plant machinery in dangerous and harsh environments, as well as control of high-altitude construction cranes from a safe location while enabling visual observation and monitoring. Our systems help to prevent accidents, reduce operator burden, and improve production efficiency. With the aim of enhancing worksite safety and productivity in Japan, our target is 1 billion yen in sales and a 10% market share in 10 years. I believe that our efforts will eventually lead to the further strengthening of Japan's manufacturing capabilities.

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(Interview in 2010)

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