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Foreign Companies in Kansai
Last update: July 24, 2013
YHB Co., Ltd.
 YHB Co., Ltd.

Overseas Sales Japan Office Team Manager
Jang -do, Jeong

YHB Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and selling environment improvement equipment, such as air purification systems to eliminate smoke and odors in restaurants, and dust collectors to remove dust generated in plants. We aim to create a comfortable and healthy environment for customers and workers by purifying the air in restaurants and plants.

Background of Business Establishment

YHB Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 by Hong-Beom Yoon, who has extensive experience as an engineer. The precision lock nut developed by YHB in 1992 has enjoyed an 80% share in the South Korean market. The company has 12 years of experience in the production and sale of environment improvement equipment, such as dust collection and air purification systems for industrial use, and expanded its business sphere to include the restaurant industry in 2009. YHB Japan Office is engaged in the sale of such environmental improvement equipment. Osaka was chosen as its first base of operation in Japan because many plants and restaurants are concentrated in the area; it is conveniently located in terms of public transportation; it boasts a unique food culture; and less investment is required than in Tokyo.

 Smoke and odor neutralizer

To prepare for its business establishment in Japan, YHB visited the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency first, where it was introduced to the JETRO Seoul Center and eventually to JETRO Osaka (INVEST Kansai Desk). The various forms of support provided by the INVEST Kansai Desk included consultations with an administrative scrivener regarding business establishment; support for corporate registration and visa application; referral to a real estate company; arrangements for various types of subsidies; and advice on business in Japan. "We received various forms of support regarding business establishment in Japan," says Mr. Jang -do Jeong, team manager of YHB Overseas Sales Japan Office.

 Air purification and dust collection systems

YHB's business in Japan got off the ground. Since the opening of its Japan Office in Osaka City in June 2010, the company has participated in various exhibitions and held business meetings with major Japanese companies. It plans to increase its number of sales people to develop new customers. "In South Korea, there are strict regulations concerning smoke and odors, and restaurants and plants are required to install air purification systems," says Mr. Jeong. "Since there aren't such strict regulations here in Japan, it isn't easy for us to promote sales. In a few years, however, we want to see many plants and restaurants in Japan equipped with our high quality, low-cost products," he continued, demonstrating his will to cultivate the Japanese market.

 YHB Japan Office
Company PR

The president of YHB, who is a former engineer, has a vast knowledge of machinery. That is why we can provide high-quality services from manufacturing to post-sales support. With “Respecting competitors and taking good care of our customers” as our motto, we strive to provide high-quality environment improvement systems to enhance the workplace environments of Japanese people

(Interview in 2010)

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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
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