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Foreign Companies in Kansai
Last update: July 24, 2013
New Zealand Agri Marketing Co., Ltd.
 New Zealand Agri Marketing Co., Ltd.

Takehiko Yamamoto

New Zealand Agri Marketing was a joint venture established by New Zealand's agricultural production company and trading company, aimed at delivering safe and high quality New Zealand agricultural produce to Japan in a direct and reasonable manner. The company has established a direct distribution channel for trade of New Zealand farm products to secure their safety and quality.

Backgroud of Business Establishment

New Zealand Agri Marketing Co., Ltd. was established in January 2007, with the mission of delivering safe and high-quality agricultural products made in New Zealand to Japan in a direct and reasonable manner. After discharging New Zealand agricultural products and checking their quality in Japan, the company sends them directly to wholesale markets and supermarkets across the nation. The agricultural products handled are squashes, onions, carrots, asparagus, blueberries, etc. New Zealand has four seasons like Japan, but seasons are reversed because it is in the southern hemisphere. This provides some important benefits, such as the production of the same vegetables as those grown in Japan at low cost and the supply of out-of-season fruits and vegetables from New Zealand to Japan. Given this perspective, New Zealand Agri Marketing has high expectations of the Japanese market.

Harvested squashes

Mr. Takehiko Yamamoto, who has more than 20 years of experience in the import business, was chosen as the person responsible for a New Zealand farm producer's new attempt to form an import company in Japan. Mr. Yamamoto worked for the formation of the new company as its CEO. "We received various forms of support from JETRO Osaka (INVEST Kansai Desk), such as the rental of a temporary office space and assistance for incorporation procedures," Mr. Yamamoto says. "It's relatively easy for farm producers to enter foreign markets, but it's quite difficult to build credibility. Despite our being a new foreign-capitalized company, however, we were able to establish credibility primarily due to the support of JETRO, Osaka prefectural and municipal governments, and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the Osaka Business and Investment Center).

Mr. Yamamoto going out for sales

At present, New Zealand Agri Marketing Co., Ltd. has steadily increased the volume of its trade in Japan, advancing to the next stage. The important next step is to resolve the issue of cash management in Japan because of its expanded business. At the root of the issue is a difference in business custom between Asian countries and Western countries. Consequently, New Zealand farm producers expect the company to play a leading role in financial aspects as well as in marketing and trading. Mr. Yamamoto says, "we want to overcome this issue and then realize a collaboration project to incorporate New Zealand's advanced agrarian systems into Japanese agriculture."

 New Zealand farmers smiling in the fields
Company PR

In addition to its rich natural environment and climate, New Zealand’s cutting edge efforts to protect the environment and secure food safety have made it possible to produce and supply high-quality, safe farm products. We will continue our efforts to deliver such farm products to more Japanese consumers.

(Interview in 2011)

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