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Last update:August 2, 2017

Foreign Companies in Kansai

 Galanz Japan Co., Ltd.(China) NEW!

Chinese leading white goods manufacturer

Equinix Japan (United Status)

Opening the 100th Data Center in the World in Osaka

InterCall Japan K.K.  (United Status) 

The world’s largest conferencing provider

Juneyao Airline CO.,Ltd. (China)

100% Privately Owned Chinese Airline Operating as Full Service Carrier

Caterpillar Japan Ltd.(HEDC) (United Status)

Mother Plant of Caterpillar hydraulic excavators

IE JAPAN Ltd. (Great Britain)

Further develop fuel cell technologies and pass our beautiful Mother Earth onto following generations

Ceres Power representative office (Great Britain)

Bring a new perspective to the household fuel cell market in Japan

New Zealand Agri Marketing Co., Ltd (New Zealand)

Providing high-quality New Zealand agricultural produce to the Japanese market

YHB Co., Ltd. (Korea)

Marketing air cleaning devices for restaurants and dust collectors for factories

Beauty & Health Innovation Co., Ltd. (Germany)

R&D, sales, import and export of beauty products and health food in Kansai

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CEO Voices in Japan NEW

For further enhancing foreign investment in Japan




Support for Business Establishment in Kansai region

Foreign Companies in Kansai

Local Industrial Potential Map in Kansai NEW

Magnetism of Kansai

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