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INVEST KANSAI WEB (Support for Business Establishment in Kansai region)

Last update:August 26, 2014

Facilities Available

Rent-free temporary OfficeExternal Site Link (opens in new window)

Office space equipped with a desk, chairs, telephone, fax and Internet connection will be available free for 50 business days*.
Located in the center of metropolitan Osaka, providing easy access to the entire region of Kansai and very convenient for procedures necessary for setting up business, including registration, as well as meetings with business partners.
(*)A 50-day extension can be provided if necessary and available

Rent-free temporary Office

Meeting RoomExternal Site Link (opens in new window)

Temporary office users can use adjoining conference rooms free of charge; no longer need to make arrangements for business meetings outside.

Meeting Room

Business LibraryExternal Site Link (opens in new window)

The adjoining JETRO business library boasts approx. 100,000 international business resources and a corresponding database.
The special library can be used to view information on investing in Japan, including statistics and laws & regulations, as well as information on Japanese businesses from the online database.
Country-by-country data, foreign specialized journals and newspapers are also available, which are useful for planning strategies to expand overseas business with Kansai as the base. 

Business Library

Support and Service

Specialist Support for Business EstablishmentExternal Site Link (opens in new window)

Business advisors and other specialists in various fields will provide free information and consultation depending on individual companies' needs and situations.

Support for procedural requirements for establishing business and obtaining a visa/status of residence

Specialists provide free advice on procedural requirements for establishing your business in Kansai. They include judicial scriveners (for acquisition of status of residence/visa), certified tax accountants (for tax procedures), and certified social insurance labor consultants (for labor affairs). For incorporation procedures and document preparation/submission, you will be introduced to an appropriate specialist as the need arises. 

Personnel recruitment

We will search for potential candidates for executive, sales, finance, engineering and other positions, through employment agencies. If you wish to interview candidates, we will work a relevant employment agency to make arrangement for a job interview. 

Real estate and office space for business

Based on your location requirements, we will search for office candidates for your business through real-estate agencies. Meetings with real-estate agencies will also be arranged. Our network of real estate agencies enables us to find a suitable office for your business more promptly. We also provide information on premises or industrial land for your business in cooperation with local authorities.

Information on incentives

In cooperation with the central and local governments, we provide information on the incentives--such as tax breaks and subsidies--that can be used for setting up our business. As necessary, you will be introduced to the persons in charge of national and/or  local government incentives.

Information on government licenses/permits and relevant laws

Taking full advantage of our networks with the central and local governments, we collect information on government licenses/permits necessary for entry into the Japanese market, as well as relevant laws. As necessary, you will be introduced to the government person in charge. 




Support for Business Establishment in Kansai region

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Contact Information

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
International Investment Promotion Affairs Division
Address: 1-5-44 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-8535
E-Mail: invest-japan-kansai@meti.go.jpMail