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Last update:January 30,2015


Kyoto Unraku-gama


Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of Kiyomizuyaki-pottery
Visitors can experience of making Kiyomizuyaki-pottery
Visitors can see display of Kiyomizuyaki-pottery


9-2 kiyomizuyakidanchi-cho, kawata, yamashina-ku, kyoto-city, Japan

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10minutes by car form Kyoto-Higashi IC on Meishin highway
15minutes by car from Kyoto station on JR line.

15minutes by car from Shijo-Kawaramachi station on Hankyu line.
10minuetes by car from Yamashina station on JR line.


Available(4 cars and 2 buses)


9:00am~5:00pm OPEN 365 DAYS a year
(In case of a visit to studio, admission until 15:30 pm)

Number of visitors facility can accept


Visit requirements

Reservation required for manufacturing processes of kiyomizu-ware

Average visit length

About 1 hour

Admission fee


Support in foreign languages

Please come together with an interpreter.

Materials in foreign languages

Pamphlet in English


Tel:075-591-1506  Fax:075-502-4953 
E-mail: kyoto.zipangu@gmail.com


Reservation is needed by internet or fax.
Please contact us by e-mail for more information

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