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Last update:March 20,2015


Asahi news paper Osaka Factory


The guided tour takes you to a brand new press machine while the evening edition is in the press. After the tour, visitors get their photos on the extra edition.

Asahi news paper Osaka Factory


3-22-61 Ebie Fukushima-ku Osaka city Osaka

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Asahi news paper Osaka Factory  (Japanese only)


10 minutes walk from Noda station of Hanshin line, Noda Hanshin station of Sennichimae line and Ebie station of JR line15minutes by car from Shijo-Kawaramachi station on Hankyu line.
10minuetes by car from Yamashina station on JR line.


Only for the tour bus


Mon-Fri (12:00-13:20, 13:30-14:50)

Number of visitors facility can accept

min. 2- max. 60

Visit requirements

Translator (We do not have English tour guide)

Average visit length

approximate  80mins

Facility details / highlights

Visitors will learn how to make a news paper from collecting materials till delivery to home by DVD then go into the press factory when the evening edition is in the press. You will enjoy how vigorous the press machine is.

Admission fee

free of charge

Support in foreign languages

Subtitle on DVD

Materials in foreign languages

Subtitle on DVD(Japanese, Chinese and English)


Tel : +81-6-6454-3636


Tel : +81-6-6454-3636

E-mail: tmk-kengaku@toppan.co.jpMail (mail client will launch)

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