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Guidebook to invest in KANSAI
 "Kansai Life Science Cluster~A Global Innovative Field~"

Last update:March 16, 2023

"Kansai Life Science Cluster~A Global Innovative Field~

The guidebook "Kansai Life Science Cluster" showcases various aspects of Kansai’s business environments specialized in the life science industry field, including life science-related projects in various parts of Kansai, world-class researchers, institutes and laboratories, and high concentration of Japan's leading companies in pharmaceutical products and medical equipment
Kansai, a Place Where it's Easy to Start Business.

We hope that you will use this brochure as a supporting tool to invest in KANSAI.


・Kansai's Large-Scale Markets and Rich Infrastructure

・A World-Leading Life Science Cluster
・Regional Clusters and Regional Projects in Progress Among Kansai's Diverse Life Science Fields
・A Concentration of Universities That Lead the World in Advancing Cutting-Edge Research
・A Concentration of the World's Best Research Institutes and Laboratories
・A Concentration of Japan's Leading Companies in Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Equipment

・Kansai, a Place Where it's Easy to Start Business
・Extensive Support Systems

・Easy Living in Kansai

・Toward Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan



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