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Privacy Policy

Last update:March 28,2014

1.Basic Stance

In operating the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI-KANSAI) website (www.kansai.meti.go.jp :referred to below as “this site”), the METI -KANSAI Public Relations Office takes into account the need to protect the privacy of website users. Any personal information you provide is handled in a manner consistent with the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data Held by Administrative Organs.

2.Types of Information Gathered

This site automatically gathers information about site visits,indluding Internet domain names, IP addresses and pages viewed.This site does not use cookies (text files transmitted from a server to a user’s browser and stored on the user’s hard disk in order to enable the server to differentiate users). Users are requested to provide their name, occupation, E-mail address, opinions and inquiries, when using the E-mail registration service or the "contact us" facility. In addition, when inquiries are made without using the website form, the sender's e-mail address is displayed to the recipient.

3. Limitations on Use and Release of Information

Information gathered by this site is used to contact users for the purpose of sending information or responding to queries. It is also analyzed to assist in the smooth operation and improvement of the site. The opinions and inquiries received are considered when formulating policy.

A request for disclosure of information gathered by this site may be made in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations. In the event of such a request, no personal information will be disclosed to a third party unless the individual concerned has agreed to such disclosure or other special circumstances apply.

4.Scope of this Policy

This privacy policy applies only to this site.

Contact Information

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
Public Relations and Information System Office
Address: 1-5-44 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-8535