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INVEST KANSAI WEB(Support for Business Establishment in Kansai)

Last update:December 1, 2021

Government efforts to promote foreign investment in Japan

Investment-related deregulation

In organizing the Working Group for Revising Regulations and Administrative Procedures in the Council for Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment in Japan, the Japanese government is considering simplifying regulations and administrative procedures that may represent hurdles for foreign companies to overcome when investing in Japan. The government’s coordination with related ministries and agencies is underway for that purpose.

Act for promotion of Japan as an Asian Business Center
(Act on Special Measures for the Promotion of Research and Development Business, etc  by Specified Multinational Enterprises)

Preferential measures, including reduced patent fees for global companies planning to set up a company in Japan to conduct new R&D projects and business operations. <Applications can be filed in English.>


Cabinet Office - INVEST JAPAN Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

METI - Invest Japan

JETRO - Investing in Japan

Incentives by local governments in Kansai

JETRO “Regional Information

Business Location Guide by local governments in Kansai

Fukui Prefecture Business Location Guide(Fukui)

Shiga Prefecture Business Location Guide(Shiga)

Kyoto Prefecture Business Location / Land Information Search Site(Kyoto)

Osaka Investment Guide(Osaka)

Best Portal Zone(Hyogo)


Wakayama Prefecture Corporate Advancement Portal Site(Wakayama)

Contact Information

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
International Investment Promotion Division
Address: 1-5-44 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-8535
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