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Organization of METI-KANSAI (April, 1, 2011)

Last update:March 28,2014

General Coordination and Policy Planning Department

General Affairs Division

General coordination and document management of the Bureau, implementing human resources management, and providing staff training

Public Relations and Information System Office

Serving as a public relations and information desk, and promotion of informatization and system development in the Bureau

Policy Planning Division

Planning and surveys for establishing new regional policies

Budget and Accounts Division

Carrying out activities related to procurement and bidding, and implementing the budget management and welfare program

Research Division

Conducting statistical surveys for understanding industrial production trends and the actual industrial situation in the jurisdiction, and economic trends

Economic Policy Department

Economic Policy Division/ Competition Enhancement Office

General coordination related to policies for industrial promotion, and conducting consultations regarding market competition

Human Resources Policy Division

Fostering industrial human resources

Industrial Technology Division

Subsidizing technological development, and promoting the JIS Mark Labeling System

Office for the Promotion of Academia-Industry Cooperation

Environmental improvement in industry-academia-government collaboration

Patent Office

Promoting the creation, protection and utilization of intellectual property, and issuing copies from registers, etc.

Biotechnology and Medical Device Technology Promotion Division

Establishing new drugs and medical equipment development bases by using industry-academia-government networks

Next-Generation Industry Division

Promotion of next-generation industrial projects such as next-generation electronics and energy technology industries

Regional Development Office

Promoting the revitalization of regional economies in cooperation with local governments, etc., and planning regional promotion and land use planning policies

Information Policy Division

Informatization of regional industries and promotion of the information industry

Industries Department

Industries Division/Industrial Promotion Office

Supporting comprehensive policies for industrial promotion

Alcohol Office

Securing supplies and establishing a circulation system for industrial alcohol

Consumer Affairs Division

Promotion of appropriate door-to-door sales, multi-level marketing and installment sales

Commodities Exchange Office

Promotion of appropriate commodity exchanges

Consumer Advice Office

Giving advice to consumers

Product Safety Office

Giving guidance and supervision based on the four product safety-related laws and the Indication of Household Articles' Quality Law

Manufacturing Industries Division/ Industrial Research Office

Promotion of the machine industry and lifestyle-related industries, and implementing support projects such as those dealing with entry into the aircraft market

Manufacturing Industry Support Office

Supporting the advancement of Strategic Core Technologies (SCT), and information dissemination regarding energetic manufacturing companies

Distribution and Service Industries Division/ Daiten-Ricchi Ho Contact point

Revitalizing urban centers and shopping centers, and promoting logistic efficiency

Service Industry Office

Supporting industry-academia social and cultural collaborations such as promotion of the service industry and design

Media and Contents Industry Office

Promotion of the content-related industry

Small and Medium Enterprise Division

Dissemination of consultation services and policies related to small and medium-sized businesses, promotion of finance projects for small and medium-sized businesses, the succession of businesses, and promotion of small businesses

Appropriate Subcontracts Promotion Office

Promoting appropriate dealings with subcontractors, and implementing measures for government office demand

Business Start-up and Support Division

Restructuring of business by providing support for business start-ups and selection and concentration of companies, and development and support for new businesses

International Affairs Department

International Affairs Division

Spreading Kansai brands through planning and management, etc. of the Kansai Consular Forum, and dissemination of a variety of information on the actual situation of the internationalization of Kansai

International Business Division

Support for overseas development of small and medium-sized businesses, and creation of opportunities for international business by dispatching overseas missions

International Investment Promotion Division

Promoting investments in Kansai from overseas and exchanges in order to attract visitors from both Japan and overseas

International Trade Division

Granting permissions and approvals for imports and exports, and responsibility for the Tariff Rate Quota

Kobe International Trade Office

General Affairs Division

Granting permissions and approvals for imports and exports, and responsibility for the Tariff Rate Quota

Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Department

Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Division/ Public Relations Office of Comprehensive Energy Policy Planning

Public relations on energy issues for citizens

Environmental Protection and Recycling Division

Smooth promotion of the Home Electronics Recycling Law and Law for Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging, etc., and fostering the environmental industry

Energy Policy Division

Promotion of energy saving, and the introduction of new energies, such as photovoltaic power generation, fuel cells, biomass, etc.

Natural Resources and Fuel Divison

Providing guidance for sales of petroleum products, etc., inspecting gas stations, etc., and providing guidance and supervision for matters related to establishing mining rights, etc. and operation of mines

Electricity Industry Division

Carrying out operations related to the electric utility industry, coordinating the supply and demand of electric power, and carrying out statistical surveys on electric power demand

Gas Industry Division

Screening applications for gas business licenses and administering related fees and charges, and understanding production and management statuses

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