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Last update:Sept 12,2018


Inoue Butsudan, the Buddhist Altar Maker (Craft Workshops & Craftsman Studio Tours)


Butsudan is a Japanese Buddhist Altar.
Making this Butsudan (Buddhist Altar) is a Japanese traditional craftwork and needs 7 different types of well-skilled artisans.
It is considered the pinnacle of Japanese craftwork to make a Butsudan.
Our recommended course is to see the workshop of Japanese traditional craftworks and try making Japanese traditional arts and crafts (it takes about 2hours in total)
It will be great to see and feel the Japanese craftsmanship.
We have several courses such as Kinpaku-Oshi (covering with gold leaf) experience,
Makie (gold lacquer work) experience or Urushi-Nuri(lacquering) experience.
You can choose one of these experiences you want to see and try but
all the participants are supposed to take the same experience.



50, Serinaka-cho, Hikone-shi,Shiga , 522-0031

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Inoue Butsudan, the Buddhist Altar Maker 


Walk:20 minutes from JR Hikone Station (Biwako Line)
Walk:10 minutes from Hikone Serigawa Station(Ohmi Tetsudo Line)
Taxi: 5 minutes from JR Hikone Station (Biwako Line)


Max. 15 vehicles (free of charge)


10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed:Tuesdays, First and third Wednesday,Golden Week holidays, During bon festival and New Year holidays.

Number of visitors facility can accept

Craft workshop:max.25persons
Studio tour:max.10persons
Shop tour:max.30persons

Visit requirements

Reservation required

Average visit length

Craft workshop:about 1 hour
Studio tour:about 30 minutes
Shop tour:about 30 minutes

Admission fee

The total cost depends on the number of participants and the course you choose. In case of 10 people , it costs 3,900 yen (tax excluded) each.

Support in foreign languages

English and Chinese-speaking interpreter available

Materials in foreign languages



E-mail: japan@craft-workshop.jp
Web: Tour Workshop of Japanese Traditional Crafts (in Japanese and English)


Reservation by internet(reservation form) and e-mail.
Please contact us by e-mail for more information.

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