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Last update:June 17,2019


Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Promotion Association


We offer people a chance to learn about the true roots of craftsmanship through touring local factories in Higashiosaka and surrounding area where the Kawachiimoji trade group tradition of metal shaping, which made the Daibutsu of Todaiji temple handed down.
About 70 facilities are our member and we will arrange the schedule and locations so as to achieve a mutually agreeable fit between participants' preference and the convenience of the factories.

Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Promotion Association


Higashiosaka city and surrounding area

Home page

Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Navigator
(Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Promotion Association)


depend on the factories




Mon-Fri 9:00~17:00

Number of visitors facility can accept

15-20 at each factories, so your group size is larger please divide into several group.
Each group will visit the different factory.

Visit requirements

Basic information on Hiagashiosaka and the planned course, profiles of the executives to be met will offer to prepare visitor and to help generate interest and excitement. You can't omit this to pursue the tour successfully.

Average visit length

Advances Study 40min
Factory visit 60min
travel time approx. 30min

Admission fee

3000yen + tax per person + room charge for advance study(depends on group size)

Support in foreign languages

please arrange interpreters, if not, we can introduce an agency

Materials in foreign languages

Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Navigator


please contact by e-mail


Refer to our website; Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Navigator

Contact Information
(When you want to visit the facilities introduced in this list, please apply to each facility directly.)

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau
International Investment Promotion Division
Address: 1-5-44 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-8535