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Last update:Aug 31, 2018


Konpeitou Museum (Yao, Sakai)


Visitors can observe and experience making Konpeitou (sweet confectionary).

Konpeitou Museum


2-88 Wakabayashi-cho, Yao City
4-148-12 Minamijima-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City

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Konpeitou Museum (Yao, Sakai)   (Japanese only)


Yao: 5 minute walk from subway Tanimachi Line Yao Minami Station
Sakai: 8 minute walk from Nankai Main Line Shichido Station


Yao: room for 4 personal vehicles. You can park a sightseeing bus on the private road in front of the museum if the driver is present.
Sakai: room for 2 personal vehicles


Yao: 9:00~17:00, Sakai: 10:00~17:00

Number of visitors facility can accept

Yao: 10-60, Sakai: 3-45

Visit requirements

Konpeitou factory: visitors 2 years of age and older can visit
Carmel factory: 4th graders and older can participate in making carmel
Sugar art classroom: no age limit
Yao: more than 10 people
Sakai: more than 3 people
Reservation required

Average visit length

Yao: [1]10:00~, [2]14:00~
Sakai: [1]10:00~, [2]13:00~,([3]15:00~

Facility details / highlights

An atmosphere where you can see, hear, make, and experience.
Starting with making Konpeitou , you can learn about the history and culture of sweet confectionaries.

Admission fee

Konpeitou kitchen: Yao 1,200 yen Sakai 1,000 yen
Carmel kitchen: 800 yen
Sugar art classroom: 1,000 yen

Support in foreign languages

English-speaking staff available

Materials in foreign languages

English subtitled DVD.
English documents & Chinese documents.


TEL: Yao 072-948-1339, Sakai 072-282-2790
FAX: Yao 072-948-1015, Sakai 072-282-2791


Apply by phone, or through the museum's website.

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