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Last update:Apr.4,2024

Notice to Visitors

  • To prevent spreading of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, some of facilities may change closed day and visit requirements (e.g. wearing masks, maintain social distance etc.) .
    Please contact each facility before you visit.
  • Please note that the entry conditions for each facility may change.
  • When you want to visit the facilities introduced in this list, please apply to each facility directly.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any damage or trouble caused by using the information stated in this list.

Fukui Pref. 

Category Facility Name Outline
Environment / recycling / energy Fugen Decommissioning Engineering Center (Fugen), the Japan Atomic Energy Agency Visitors can listen to an explanation of Fugen and observe the outside of the building.
Environment / recycling / energy Fukui-Sakai Municipalities Broad Regional Administrative Association
Solid Waste Disposal Center
General waste treatment facilities (process of combustible waste, from the carry-in treatment facilities of non-combustible waste incineration, until fracture)
Traditional industries / craftworks MEGANE MUSEUM WORKSHOP: You can make eyeglasses frame(s) only for you with craftsmen.(However you must make a reservation.)
MUSEUM: You can see many old eyeglasses frame(s) and tools, which had been used actually by some craftsman in this city.
SHOP: You can see a kind of the newest eyeglasses frame(s), made in Japan, and buy it.
Traditional industries / craftworks Miketsukuni Wakasa Obama Food Culture MuseumGallery: Exhibitions of food history, culture and local cuisine of Wakasa Obama.
Kitchen Studio: Cooking workshops and food tasting of local cuisine.
Wakasa Craft Center: Hands-on experiences of traditional crafts such as Wakasa-nuri lacquered chopsticks, Wakasa agate, and Wakasa handmade paper.
Traditional industries / craftworks TAKEFU KNIFE VILLAGEFactory:
You can look around inside of our factory.
You can buy kitchen knives and tools, gardening tools, etc.
We can accept credit card, and do tax free.
Kitchen knife making class
Special guide tour with forging experience
Sharpening class
Traditional industries / craftworks Echizen Washi Village Japanese Traditional Papermaking Workshop
Traditional industries / craftworks EIGHT RIBBON  Factory tour & manufacturing experience

This is the only Jacquard Ribbon Factory in Japan that uses old-style looms (shuttle looms), where you can observe the Tyrolean ribbon manufacturing process.
Science & Technology / laboratories Fast Breeder Reactor Research and Development Center Monju,  Japan Atomic Energy AgencyBrief introduction of Monju and facility tour
Fiber/Fashion Textile Factory Memorial Hall Yume Ole Katsuyama The building that is now the Yume Ole Textile Factory Memorial Hall was once one of the main textile production facilities in Katsuyama,operating from 1905 until 1998. This building is a designated cultural asset in Katsuyama city, and was recognized as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization site.
Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of silk fabrics 'habutae'. (During the Meiji period, 'habutae' was the main item among silk fabrics exported from Japan.)Visitors can view rich displays and authentic machinery that will make you feel as if you have gone back in time to a traditional textile factory.
hand-weaving experience
craft experience of the cocoon
the café and the local merchandise shop

Shiga Pref.

Category Facility Name Outline
Liquor / tea / drinks Kawashima Sake Brewery Visiting the sake brewery.
-Brewing process might be seen in winter(Dec - Mar)
-Visiting waterside area and learning water environment.
-Tasting and shopping.
Liquor / tea / drinks Kirin Shiga Oishisa-taikan factory Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of "Kirin Ichiban Shibori" and " Gogo-no-Kocha"
Metals / machinery / electronic components Yanmar  Museum Based on the concept “Give it a try! The exciting future challenge”, the Museum offers a place to nurture pioneer mindset through exciting experiences for the children who will lead the future society.
Environment / recycling / energy Lake Biwa Museum Exhibitions viewing about Lake BIWA (Natural history, the history, environment, aquatic animal )
Environment / recycling / energy Aqua-BIWA Visitors can learn about Lake BIWA and water through various experiences.
The room experiencing rain is popularity.
Traditional industries / craftworks ZEZE-YAKI Museum Zeze-ware is pottery for the Japanese tea ceremony. They were produced by Kobori Enshu ,an artist of many talents during the Edo period, but they all about disappeared in short term. In 1919 Iwasaki Kenzo revived Zeze-ware. The museum exhibit ancient Zeze-wares and another tea utensils. Visitors can all purchase Zeze-wares in an adjacent pottery "Kagerouen".
Traditional industries / craftworks Inoue Butsudan, the Buddhist Altar Maker Butsudan is a Japanese Buddhist Altar.
Making this Butsudan (Buddhist Altar) is a Japanese traditional craftwork and needs 7 different types of well-skilled artisans.
It is considered the pinnacle of Japanese craftwork to make a Butsudan.
Our recommended course is to see the workshop of Japanese traditional craftworks and do making some craftwork experience (it takes about 2hours in total)
It will be a great to see and feel the Japanese craftsmanship.
We have several courses such as Kinpaku-Oshi (covering with gold leaf) experience,
Makie (gold lacquer work) experience or Urushi-Nuri(lacquering) experience.
You can choose one of these experiences you want to see and try but
all the participants are supposed to take the same experience.
Traditional industries / craftworks Echigawa Bintemari Museum Inside a glass flask is a decorative thread ball(temari) that is somehow larger than the flask opening. The museum exhibits these bottle-crafted temari along with panels and videos explaining their history and fabrication process. There are also displays on the various handicrafts involved in making the bottled balls, and on the history and culture of the area. (The museum is affiliated with the park and library.)
Traditional industries / craftworks Ltd.Kurokabe Sale, Exhibition,
Product demonstration of Glass
Traditional industries / craftworks Gallery of Kyoto Traditional Arts & Crafts Visitors can see display of Traditional Arts & Crafts
Visitors can see demonstration of manufacturing of Traditional Arts & Crafts
other KOKUYO Product Shiga Co., Ltd Visitors can see part of the production line of notebooks.
Visitors can realize our quality of notebook through some attractions.
Visitors can get a souvenir.

Kyoto Pref.

Category Facility Name Outline
Liquor / tea / drinks Sake no Yakata Visitors can observe a brewery and a tea house.
Liquor / tea / drinks Fukujuen CHA Experience Park It is a tea theme park, where you can enjoy learning about teas that have been loved by people of the world for ages.
Please also enjoy our tea gardens, various tea products and unique facilities.
Liquor / tea / drinks MARUKYU KOYAMAEN Matcha, Powdered Green Tea: Factory tour in Uji
1. Screening of video about Matcha production, Japan's finest green tea
2. Touring Matcha tea processing facilities
3. Visiting a traditional tea room (chashitsu)
4. Learning how to prepare and then enjoy your bowl of Matcha tea
Liquor / tea / drinks Suntory Kyoto Brewery Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of Suntory beer.
Liquor / tea / drinks Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum Display of history of sake production in Fushimi, each stage of the process, around 400 sake production items,period materials dating back to Gekkeikan's founding. Visiters can taste Ginjoshu and other sakes in the lobby.
Traditional industries / craftworks Cosaien Taneda Kyoto  The experience classroom of making the beanbag of Kyo-Kanoko shibori (tie-dyeing).
Traditional industries / craftworks Kyoto Handicraft Center Demonstration of manufacturing of traditional craftwork and display and sale of craft products.
Traditional industries / craftworks Shoyeido(Manufacturing Process of Incense Sticks) Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of incenses and tools for making them.
Traditional industries / craftworks Marumasu Nishimuraya Yuzen Kobo workshop Visitors can experience Kata-e-zome of Kyo-Yuzen (stencil-printed Yuzen).
Traditional industries / craftworks Nishijin Textile Center Visitors can observe a demonstration and make Nishijin-textile, purchase products and observe the historical data room.
Traditional industries / craftworks Kyoto Montsuki Co., Ltd. Visitors can watch a film showing the manufacturing processes.
Traditional industries / craftworks Inui Shikki Visitors can experience Kyo-maki-e work (gold-relief lacquer). (Observation only is not acceptable.)
Traditional industries / craftworks Kyoto Shibori Kogeikan Visitors can observe Shibori (tie-dyeing) work and listen to an explanation of the manufacturing process.
Traditional industries / craftworks Ikkanbari YumehitoriVisitors can experience and observe the processes of making Ikkanbari (bamboo craftwork).
Traditional industries / craftworks Yokoyama Bamboo Products(TAKENOKO) The experience classroom of making the chopstick basket and traditional tea spoon of Bamboo.
Traditional industries / craftworks Kyoto Unraku-gama Visitors can observe teori(handwoven tie)work and listen to an explanation of
the manufacturing process.
Visitors can experience of making a place mat only for you with craftsman.
Visitors can learn about textile through the work shop.
Traditional industries / craftworks KUSKA Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of Kiyomizuyaki-pottery
Visitors can experience of making Kiyomizuyaki-pottery
Visitors can see display of Kiyomizuyaki-pottery
Traditional industries / craftworks Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design This museum introduces 74categories of Kyoto traditional crafts, from dyeing and weaving to various crafts,and their background.
In addition to videos of the production processes and commentary, you can also enjoy the process,technologies and tchniques,such as a space where you can actually experience the product by touching it.
Traditional industries / craftworks Shunzan-gama How about visiting Kiyomizuyaki(Kyoto style pottery) studio to learn about traditional craft techniques inheritated over 400 years and to make your own unique pottery ? We held some trial lessons "Raku firing course", "Wheel throwing course","Hand building course" and "Painting course". Reservation is required.
Traditional industries /craftworks Gomei Gold Foil Handicraft  Experience:Experience Of Pasting Gold Foil By Gomei
Traditional industries /craftworks Kyoto Korin Visitors can experience juzu(JapaneseRosary) or bracelet making.
And visitors can observe manufacturing processes of juzu
Metals / machinery / electronic components The Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics
The Inamori Library
The Kyocera Gallery
Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of Fine Ceramics.
Visitors can experience Characteristics of Fine Ceramics.
Visitors can see 「Kyocera’s Technology and Product Evolution」「Fine Ceramics Help Expand the Boundaries of Scientific Research」「History of Ceramic Packages in the Semiconductor Industry」.
Metals / machinery / electronic components Nango Co.,Ltd. The company is located in Uji City.
Uji City is famous for the Byodoin Temple(the World Heritage, established in 10th Century).
Uji City is a town that keeps its tradition and continues to evolve as a bridge to the future.
The company has craftsmen who are familiar with metalworking.
Metal parts are carefully finished one by one.
The company has excellent technical proposal ability.
We will respond to client requests with sincerity.
We obtained a patent right with our unique precision micromachining technology.
We have successfully achieved technology from a two-dimensional stereogram into a three-dimensional world.
The name is Nango-bori. http://nango-bori.com/
In this factory tour, you can see < Technology> and < Nango-bori > of craftsmen working at the manufacturing site.
Please drop by at your convenience.
Environment / recycling / energy Sustaina Kyoto (Environmental Education Facility, Kyoto South Clean Center) Visitors can observe our waste treatment facilities and learn a wide range of themes such as waste reduction, global warming countermeasures, biodiversity, renewable energy, and the history of the region from an environmental perspective.
Visitors can also enjoy the scenery from our 66-meter-Lookout.
Visitors can attend some events and lectures related to an environment.
Science & Technology / laboratories Kansai Photon Science Institute, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency Visitors can observe a laboratory studying photon science.
Mass media/publishing Asahi Shimbun Kyoto Plant (Tohshi Printing Service Co.,Ltd.) Visitors can observe printing and packing newspaper and loading to trucks.
Visitors get a commemorative newspaper with a visit photography.
Fiber/Fashion Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co,Ltd Kawashima Textile Museum Exhibits historical materials of textiles which the company has produced for more than 170 years and episode of historical projects it has handled.
other Museum and Archives, Kyoto Institute of Technology The museum is founded in 1980. We have several galleries for the special exhibition and our permanent collection. The exhibits are mainly the teaching materials for the design education that contributed to the modernization of Japanese industry.

Osaka Pref. 

Category Facility Name Outline
Foods Konpeitou Museum (Yao, Sakai) Visitors can observe and experience making Konpeitou (sweet confectionary) .
Liquor / tea / drinks Daimon Sake Brewery Co. Ltd. Visitors can observe the brewery and can taste sake and cuisine pairing
Liquor / tea / drinks Suita Brewery, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of beer.
Liquor / tea / drinks Suntory Yamazaki Distillery Visitors can observe the manufacturing processes of Suntory whiskey and learn about its history.
Liquor / tea / drinks Katashimo Winery Visitors can observe the winery, vineyard, and learn about its history.
(We have a tasting room on the second floor of the storage house designated as a national cultural property, where visitors can get a taste of our wine. In Heritage Tasting Room, we have brewing tools from dating back to the Meiji and Taisho periods on display. A very delightful experience can be had, by having wine suited to your tastes by learning about grape types and the making process
Traditional industries / craftworks Toothpick Gallery Visitors can observe the history, culture, and manufacturing process of toothpicks.
Traditional industries / craftworks Baieido Co., Ltd. (Show room & Manufacturing process of Incense Stick) Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of incense and tools for making them.
Traditional industries / craftworks Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum A facility to learn about the Sakai's traditional industries including world-renowned Sakai forged knives. The demonstrational and instructional space is on the first floor and the cutlery museum is on the second floor. You can also purchase the products at the museum.
Traditional industries / craftworks SATAKE GLASS MFG. CO., LTD. SATAKE GLASS MFG. CO., LTD. is the only glass factory in Japan that has produced color glass rods for glass craft supplies since the prewar periods.
Our building has been designated as a tangible cultural property of the country.
Visitors can do the factory tour.
We have Classes and Workshops to Lampwork (glass bead making) for beginners.
Visitor can buy the glasswork and accessories in the shop.
Traditional industries / craftworks Food replica specialty shop Design Pocket Osaka Main Store experience: Food Replica Workshop
display of Food Replica Goods
Metals / machinery / electronic components Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism  Promotion Association We offer people a chance to learn about the true roots of craftsmanship  through touring local factories in Higashiosaka and surrounding area where the Kawachiimoji trade group tradition of metal shaping, which made the Daibutsu of Todaiji temple handed down.
About 70 facilities are our member and we will arrange the schedule and locations so as to achieve a mutually agreeable fit between participants' preference and the convenience of the factories.
Environment / recycling / energy Suita resources recycling center (Kuru-kuru plaza) 【Crushing and sorting factory】
    Visitors can observe crushing and sorting the garbage.
【Kuru-kuru plaza】
    Visitors can observe studio for recycle.
Environment / recycling / energy Maishima Incineration Plant Visitors can observe incineration processes of combustible wastes and disposal of incombustible bulky wastes.
Visitors can experience claw machine & power generation.
Fiber/Fashion FUKAKI WOOLLEN TEXTILE CO.,LTD. ・Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of cashmere.
・It is only here in Japan to manufacture cashmere from row materials to products.
・Visitors can see the company lay emphasis on the protection of natural environments and the safety and hygiene.
・Visitors can see display of historical materials about woollen textile and Fukaki Woollen Textile.
Fiber/Fashion Izumiotsu city ORIAMU Museum Learn about the blanket industry of izumiotsu.
Fiber/Fashion Smileyearth Cooporation (Visitors can observe) manufacturing processes of Eco cyicle towel prodaction prosess
Science & Technology / laboratories OSTEC Exhibition Hall Exhibition about the technology of the main company and authorities of Kansai.
Science & Technology / laboratories JT Biohistory Research Hall Exhibitions on DNA, cell, genome, ontogeny and evolution demonstrate a view of living world.
The exhibition including the specimens of egg and embryo, illustrations, movies , CG , and living lungfishes etc.
The illustration gaining ground of living things 500 million years ago welcome you in the gallery. Please visit and enjoy our exhibition hall.
Science & Technology / laboratories R&D Center for Plant Factories of Osaka Metropolitan University Visitors can observe the actual site where 6,600 leaf lettuce plants are and demonstrations of ecological friendly recycling-oriented food production technologies, such as aquaponics.
other Japan Mint We provide guides to give you a general explanation of coin production and Mint Museum.
other Kawamura Gishi Co.,Ltd. Our tour includes:
- Manufacturing processes of Prosthetic limbs and orthotics
- Historical galleries that displays the oldest prostheses through the current ones and valuable documents
- Showroom for welfare products and wheelchairs displayed
Also we can offer you a tour upon your request or purpose.
other Osaka Exchange Facility to study about equities and derivatives (futures and options).
You can simulate buying and selling of stocks, future and options with PC.
other The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation A facility where one can learn of the achievements of 105 entrepreneurs who have made Osaka the stage of their activities, including Konosuke Matsushita of Panasonic and Momofuku Ando of Nissin Food Products. In addition to the main exhibit that symbolizes Osaka, the “City of the People”, which has contributed to socioeconomic growth and improvement of life through a bold challenging spirit and diligent innovation, the museum also presents a number of informational materials such as corporate histories, autobiographies/critical biographies of entrepreneurs and videos of interviews. Exhibitions and audio guides are provided in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
other Tsunami/Storm Surge Disaster Prevention Station Open to public, helps visitors gain knowledge of tidal surges that struck Osaka in the past as well as the Tonankai / Nankai Earthquakes and tsunamis that are likely to hit Osaka in the near future. Displays in the building also enable you to learn how to react when an earthquake or tsunami occurs.
other Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Historical Museum *History and activities of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, the oldest pharmaceutical company in Japan, since the foundation in 1678
*History and culture of Doshomachi Street, where Japanese pharmaceutical industry originated

Hyogo Pref. 

Category Facility Name Outline
Foods TOKIWADOSEIKA CO.,LTD Visitors can observe the manufacturing processes of local traditional sweet.
Foods HATOYA Corp. Visitors can observe the kamaboko and chikuwa (fish paste) manufacturing process and experience fish paste making.
Foods Hanshin Yuai Foods.Co.Ltd.
※Currently, we don't provide the factory tour.
・Visitors can observe packing process of boiled agricultural products.
・Visitors can observe the job training to the handicapped persons.
Liquor / tea / drinks Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries Visitors can observe a traditional way of making sake in Nada.
Liquor / tea / drinks Rokko BreweryVisitors can observe a brewing process and tanks.
Liquor / tea / drinks Nadagiku Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Visitors can observe unspoiled breweries and sake storage and taste sake. There is also a restaurant.
Liquor / tea / drinks Sawanotsuru Sake Museum SAKAGURA Visitours can see the process as well the tools for Sake brewing in old days.
We show the video in English /Chinese about traditional Sake brewing.
Liquor / tea / drinks TOKIWA Co., LTD. ・The visitor can observe a manufacturing process through a window. 
・Company PR DVD viewing.
Liquor / tea / drinks HAKUTSURU Sake Brewery Museum Visitors can see a display of the traditional sake making.
Liquor / tea / drinks TAJIME General Partnership Visitors can observe the brewery for "CHIKUSEN".
We continue protecting the manufacturing method of the brewing more than 300 years.
Liquor / tea / drinks Hakushika Memorial Museum of Sake Visitors can see display of every step in the traditional Sake and various exhibits relating to sake.
Liquor / tea / drinks THE KIKU-MASAMUNE SAKE BREWERY MUSEUM Visitors can find various sake brewing tools and careful reproductions of shops, storage areas and other old style facilities for sake-brewing. Here you can explore the essence of Kiku-Masamune and “Kimoto Zukuri” through the displays focusing on three basic themes: Time, Places and People. Visitors can sample freshly brewed sake and experience tasting.
Liquor / tea / drinks Nishiyama Shuzojo Co.,Ltd. Visitors can observe the brewery and can taste sake.
Liquor / tea / drinks Tatsuriki Honda Shoten Co., Ltd. Brewery touring → Sake Tasting→ Sake Selling
Liquor / tea / drinks KASUMI TSURU Co.LTD Sake brewery tour of KASUMITSURU(May-Sep.) Sake tasting/Shopping(year-round).Display of Sake rice and Old tools.
Traditional industries / craftworks KYOEI-GOLF Industry Co., Ltd. Visitors can observe the finishing process of iron heads.
Traditional industries / craftworks KOYO SEIGA  CO.,LTD. Visitors can learn the traditional roof tile manufacturing and also experience roof tile making with artisans' instruction.
Traditional industries / craftworks Awaji Baikundou CO., LTD.
(Ei factory)
Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of incense stick.
Traditional industries / craftworks Kobe lampwork glass museum Visitors can observe the making processes of lampwork glass beads.
Visitors can make their own lampwork glass beads.
Traditional industries / craftworks Sugihara Paper Institute Visitors can observe manufacturing processer of Sugihara-gami〈washi〉.
Visitors can experience of the Kamisuki 〈paper making〉.
Traditional industries / craftworks Shosha Art & Craft Museum Visitors can see display of the traditional arts and crafts of the Himeji area.
Visitors can experience painting Hariko (paper mache). 
Traditional industries / craftworks GENBUDO MUSEUM Museum is located at the foot of Genbudo Cave, San'in Kaigan National Park.
Experience of making baskets, Exhibition of the history of the traditional Kiryu Craft (Wicker Work) and rocks, minerals and fossils.
Traditional industries / craftworks Ojiyama Ceramic Factory (Ojiyama Toukisho) Visitors can see the making of Ojiyama-yaki (ceradon) andou
display of Ojiyama-yaki in our gallery and a climbing kiln.
Traditional industries / craftworks FUKIMODOSHINOSATO CO.,LTD.. Visitors can experience of making a FUKIMODOSHI (Party blowout).
Visitors can see display of speccial FUKIMODOSHI (Party blowout).
-Production experience and shopping.
Metals / machinery / electronic components Miki City Hardware Museum Visitors can see how to make tools in old days and imagine the old days when craftsmen, blacksmiths of village, worked hard using tools.
Environment / recycling / energy Kobe Power Plant Visitors can listen to an explanation of coal fired power generation and observe the power plant.
Environment / recycling / energy  Toban Seaside Wide-area Clean Center Waste treatment facility tour
Science & Technology / laboratories The Advanced Materials Processing Institute Kinki Japan (AMPI) Visitors can listen to an explanation of overviews and observe various machines systems.
Science & Technology / laboratories SPring-8, synchrotron radiation facility / SACLA X-ray free electron laser facility Visitors can see display of models and panels regarding Synchrotron radiation facilities and research result.
Science & Technology / laboratories Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center The Bridge Exhibition Center offers the opportunity to learn about the bridge-building technologies used to construct the Honshu-Shikoku Bridges, including the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, through scale models, videos and panel displays.
Science & Technology / laboratories AKO MARINE SCIENCE MUSEUM Visitors can learn marine science, history of making salt, and nature of Ako.
They can also experience the process of making salt.
Science & Technology / laboratories National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT), Kobe Advanced ICT Research Center (KARC) Research and development activities for advanced biological/nano information and communications technologies.
Transportation / logistics / distribution KOBE CUSTOMSVisitors can learn Japan Customs' role.
Visitors can see display of import-prohibited good, etc.
other OKUMURA BOATS Co., Ltd
※Currently, we don't provide the facility tour.
Visitors can observe the manufacturing process of FRP yachts and also learn rope knots through experience.
other The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution This Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake caused massive damage to the area around Kobe City and southern Hyogo Prefecture, and shocked people around the whole world as well as in Japan.
other THE OSAMU TEZUKA MANGA MUSEUM Visitors can see display of Osamu Tezuka World.
Visitors can experience animation workshop.
other Nadahama Science Square Visitors can experience the wonders of science through fun activities based on the themes of Iron-making, Power Generation, Energy and the Environment.
other ASICS SPORTS MUSEUM ASICS SPORTS MUSEUM where you will experience the evolution of sports.
other Kako Lighting Museum Visitors can see the display of oil lamps and the Japanese lamps (the Edo era).
Visitors can see demonstration of lighting a lamp.
Visitors can see demonstration to make a fire.
Experience lantern picture charge account classroom (Summer vacation child lesson.)

Nara Pref. 

Category Facility Name Outline
Liquor / tea / drinks  YAGISYUZO CO.,LTD Visitors can observe & Sake tasting.
Liquor / tea / drinks Umenoyado brewery *Brewery tour (only sake produceing area)
*Tasting (Original sake , liqueur etc)
Traditional industries / craftworks Kinkouen Visitors can attend a mini class introducing the attractiveness of raw Japanese ink (warmness and softness).
Traditional industries / craftworks Akahada-yama Motogama Pottery Gyozo Furuse Visitors can observe the former workshop, the exhibit hall and climbing kiln (registered tangible cultural properties).
Traditional industries / craftworks Hakomotokan Konya Experience indigo dyeing, and display of the work that has a goldfish motif.
Traditional industries /craftworks CHIKUMEIDO SABUN , TAKAYAMA CHA-SEN
(Master Craftsman of Traditional Bamboo whisk for The Tea ceremony)
Lecturing The History of Takayama Cha-sen and The Japanese Tea ceremony.
Observing and trying to make a simple bamboo tea goods by yourself.
Traditional industries /craftworks Nara Crafts Museum Visitors can see display of Nara Arts and Crafts.
Visitors can get a souvenir(an exhibition sale of Nara Arts and Crafts).
Craft Experience(Reservation needed and not always Vsisitors can Experience)
Metals / machinery / electronic components SHARP Memorial & Technology Hall Visitors can learn about the history of electric appliances, biomimetics technology, environmental technology, and photovoltaic generation, etc.

Wakayama Pref.

Category Facility Name Outline
Foods Nakata Foods Co., Ltd. Visitors can observe the factory producing pickled ume, etc.
Foods Kishu umeboshikan Visitors can observe manufacturing processes of umeboshi.
Liquor / tea / drinks Nakano BC Co., Ltd. Visitors can see a part of our brewing process.
Visitors can tasting our sake and plum wine.
Visitors can see our Japanese garden.
Traditional industries /craftworks Kishu Lacquerware Traditional Industry Association (Uruwashi-kan) Lacquer-ware making tools & lacquer work exhibit, lacquer-ware on sale, lacquer-ware maki-e experience.
Science & Technology / laboratories Shirahama Aquarium, Kyoto University This aquarium features exhibits of local marine fauna of Nanki Shirahama, especially fish and invertebrates. More than 500 species of marine animals are on the display throughout the year.

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